“Fundamental Knowledge of Green House Ingredient’s Product.”

“Fundamental Knowledge of Green House Ingredient’s Product.”

As we continue from the previous article “The Beginning of Green House Ingredient”, we will now discover the knowledge of products. 

First, we will talk about flavours. Our flavours are differentiated into 2 types i.e. Emulco & Flavourings. You might come to a thought, aren’t they the same? The answer is no. Emulco refers to the amalgamation of EMUL-sifier and CO-lour. Emulco is a product that contains the mixture of flavour, colour and other natural derivatives. And shall we know, one of its major components is gum, representing a thickener and holds the substances. Emulco is heat stable that allows its aroma to retain in the end product throughout the heating process. It is also convenient and cost effective especially for bakery and confectionery products, as users may not have the trouble to mix both flavours and colours anymore. Flavours are divided into 2 varieties, liquid and powder. Unlike Emulco, flavours are flavours itself without any emulsifier and colour added to it.

Moreover, we have 2 types of dye colorings, liquid & powders. Colorings are added to the mixture during the baking process to create a beautiful, elegant image of end products. Without colorings, end product will look dull or normal.

Last but not lease, Green House Ingredient also have its cake gels. The functions of cake gel is to improve the volume of bakeries by stabilizing the network, trapping air bubbles. It is likewise to improve mouth feel by retaining, moisture and provides softer crumbs. In fact, we use cake gels to reduce mixing time and as a replacement the usage of eggs as eggs are extremely costly. A batter is stabled when cake gels are mixed and is extremely easy to handle. The suitable amount of dosage that can be used is 5% to the weight of eggs. 

These are the products we provide, and we are looking forward to your order! For more information, visit us through our official website: https://greenhouseflavour.com/

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