Why Choose Us

We are food flavouring & colouring specialist. We have an in-house R&D team & innovation center; our products can be customized according to your requirement, it will help your business save cost, time & resources.

Innovation & Application Center

We have an in-house pastry team where technical chefs are constantly developing new applications for our emulco as we believe that good quality food flavour is able to enhance greater taste of any kind of food and beverage. Due to the importance of utilizing high quality food flavours for food production, Green House has make every effort to cater to our customers the highest quality food flavouring. We sort the best substances and ingredients in our food flavour preparation followed by adopting the most sophisticated machinery in our production line.

Today, Green House has been exporting our food flavours to a total of 10 countries, and we believe with continuous providing innovation and customization, we are able penetrate to more countries with rising of BARESCA lifestyle.

In-House Research & Development Team

At Green House, we work closely with our customers in supplying the best flavouring or bakery ingredients to them. As we have our own in-house R&D team & innovation center that can be customized flavours according to your requirement. 

Our R&D team also can create a new flavour and source new ingredients with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and guaranteed quality just for you!

Save Cost, Time & Resources

Our Innovation Centre can help you by developing a new recipes & provide on how to use the emulco product into your applications. With all this, surely will help you save cost, time & resources.

Hence, our Emulco products have variety of flavours & welcome for customizaton. Other than that, our Emulco are 2 in 1 concept, flavours & colours in one bottle! It’s easy & convenience to use, heat stable & can achieve better application quality with hassle-free!

Concentrated Food Flavouring & Colouring Supplier in Malaysia

We are a leading supplier in Malaysia, offering a wide range of premium concentrated food flavourings and colourings. Our dedication to excellence, ingenuity, and eco-friendliness drives us to provide customized solutions, and expert assistance, develop fresh recipe ideas, and ensure timely delivery, empowering our clients to craft extraordinary culinary adventures. Contact us now!