A news announcement

A news announcement

Living in this religious muslim country my own, I often questioned myself what actually is Halal? What are the rules and what Muslims can actually eat in order to meet the requirements of Halal food?

Recently in Malaysia, there is news about an illegal imported cartel that has created a big fuss over the Halal meat segment in Malaysia. Why so? As a conversative Muslim country, Malaysians, especially muslims are extremely careful of what they consume, whether or not it is safe to eat in order to not break the law that is bound to their holy book, the al-Quran. Hence, every segment of meat that is imported to our country shall be testified & certified by Halal Jakim.

So what is Halal?

Halal is a term meaning to be “lawful” or “permitted”. When we refer to halal food, it is a standard that is made in Qur’an (the muslim scripture). In contrast, Haram stands for “unlawful” or “prohibited”. In fact, they are not just terms applied on food but also other sides of life i.e. personal care products, cosmetics, meat products etc. In addition, there might be some other things which we cannot identify whether they are halal or haram. Therefore, these things are categorized as Mushbooh, meaning to be “doubtful” or “suspect”.

Despite all that is mentioned, as a manufacturer ourselves like the others from different industries, it is important for us to abide by the rules set by the government and to respect other religions. Furthermore, in the year of 2007, Green House Ingredient earned the certification of Halal by JAKIM after 4 years of establishment. Up until now, our products are all Halal Certified and are produced with great quality materials. If you are ever interested in our products, just give us a heads up from our website or online shop by Shopee.

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