Chocolate Emulco

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Chocolate Emulco


  • Cakes and Confectioneries

  • Breads and Cookies

  • Jellies & Puddings

  • Fillings & Toppings

AVAILABLE PACK SIZES                               Net per Carton
  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 25 kg
  • 1 kg – 25 Bottles
  • 5 kg – 6 Jerry Cans
  • 25 kg – 1 Jerry Can

For other pack sizes, please contact our office for further details..

High-Quality Chocolate EMULCO Malaysia

Chocolate EMULCO Malaysia is a revolutionary ingredient that will transform your baked products. Our EMULCO products’ exceptional features guarantee excellent results, enhancing your creations’ aroma, stability, and moisture retention.

The first standout feature is its ability to enhance the aroma of your baked goods. Our EMULCO products infuse a rich and indulgent chocolate fragrance, adding a touch of luxury to every bite. It offers heat stability, ensuring consistent quality and flavour even in high temperatures or during extended storage. Our EMULCO items prolong the shelf life of your baked goods, keeping them moist and fresh for extended periods. The stabilized viscosity of our EMULCO products provides ease and control in your culinary endeavours, allowing you to create visually appealing and decadent masterpieces.

Our EMULCO food flavouring represents a groundbreaking advancement for bakers, enabling you to elevate your creations and indulge in the remarkable capabilities of this top-tier EMULCO. By experiencing noticeable disparities in aroma, stability, and moisture retention, you can propel your baked products to unprecedented excellence. Contact your reliable baking ingredients supplier now for more information!

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