Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry Emulco & Creamy Vanilla Flavour

Strawberry Mousse

Preparation Time

1 hour

Cooking Time

1 hour


4 pcs



240gm Milk
75gm Egg Yolk
75gm Sugar
36gm Water
225gm White Chocolate
400gm Whipping Cream
4gm GH Strawberry Emulco


1. Add gelatine powder into water, let it bloom.
2. Beat the egg yolks and sugar together.
3. Boil the milk over the pot, add in few drop of GH Creamy Vanilla flavour, then add some into the egg mixture, and pour back into the pot, cook with medium heat till 82°C.
4. Next, add in the gelatine while the mixture still hot, and add in white chocolate. Stir till well combined.
5. After that, once the mixture cold down, slowly fold into the whipped cream.
6. Beat the whipping till soft peak.
7. Separate the mixture of 160gm into another bowl, and add in 4gm of GH Strawberry Emulco 
8. Bring the prepared tray with round mould. Add the chocolate sponge as a base, then pour 40gm of strawberry mixture into each mould.
9. Let it set in the chiller for 15-20 minutes.
10. Once it sets, add sliced fresh strawberries, mini chocolate sponge and pipe some strawberry jam. Let it set for 5-10 minutes.
11. Last but not least, pipe 20gm of creamy vanilla mixture into each mould and let it set for another 15-20 minutes.

Garnish with some fresh strawberry.

You’re ready to serve. Enjoy!

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