Month: July 2021

“Technology, Food & Beverages.”

Back to Newsroom In this whole new modernized world, people have been relying on gadgets such as mobile phones, mobile vehicles, digital cookers and other human-assisting technologies. Fundamentally speaking, the presence of technologies has come in handy, giving mankind the best help among productions & performances. As demand for safety and hygiene of food is …

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“Flour, the skeleton of all bakeries.”

Back to Newsroom According to oppentextbc, Flour is considered as the basic foundation of some bakeries & pastries. They are known as the skeleton of bakeries as its function is to support other utilized ingredients during the baking process. Succinctly, flour is a powdered product produced through the milling process of grains, especially wheat. Why does it …

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“Fundamental Knowledge of Green House Ingredient’s Product.”

Back to Newsroom As we continue from the previous article “The Beginning of Green House Ingredient”, we will now discover the knowledge of products.  First, we will talk about flavours. Our flavours are differentiated into 2 types i.e. Emulco & Flavourings. You might come to a thought, aren’t they the same? The answer is no. Emulco …

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“What is next year’s food trend and how is it gonna happen?”

Back to Newsroom Is all about taking a leap of faith when it comes to food trends as it is unpredictable to be decided according to people’s desire towards foods and bakeries. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has been going on for a year and it has been discovered that people no longer demand for nice …

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“V.E.G.A.N, the new BIG FAMILY.”

Back to Newsroom According to the Google Trend Data, the rate of veganism has been rising dramatically ever since 2008. The trend of Veganism has slowly brought its way into dietary. Why so? Photo credit to First of all, let’s understand the fundamental knowledge of Veganisms. Veganism is known as the philosophical movement of a …

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