“Technology, Food & Beverages.”

“Technology, Food & Beverages.”

In this whole new modernized world, people have been relying on gadgets such as mobile phones, mobile vehicles, digital cookers and other human-assisting technologies. Fundamentally speaking, the presence of technologies has come in handy, giving mankind the best help among productions & performances. As demand for safety and hygiene of food is growing at large due to the evolution of consumer preferences, specifically in regions of the growing middle class, the F&B industry is given more pressure in order to follow footsteps of the trend and be able to preserve high quality standards. 

According to the World Health Organization, unhygienic consumptions has been causing at least 600 million cases of foodborne diseases around the world. Out of 600 million cases, there are 420,000 death cases, which is approximately 0.07%. One of the roles & responsibility that a food manufacturer carries is to always ensure the hygiene and quality of food and it has always been maintained throughout decades. Although there is limitation towards labour power, with the adoption of technologies, the performance of production will undoubtedly be efficient and effective.

Through the next few minutes, are the examples of friendly “techno-partners” that saves your headache and conundrums. The shifting pattern of consumer preferences towards food along with the implementation of rules set by government and political officer has given us the reason to be replaced by latest technologies over the next few years. According to the date allocated from marketsandmarkets, the markets of food robotics are expected stretch out towards USD 4.0 billion by the year of 2026, from USD 1.9 billion last year.

When we talk about the cause of foodborne diseases, or the outbreak of pandemic that are caused by human workers through physical approach, technologies in this case should remedy the situation as it lessens the risk taken which is brought into considerations. For instance, packaging can be conducted by machineries without utilizing manpower. Green House Ingredient latest product, the 30g Consumer Pack is all packed by machineries including stickers. In a sense that greater investment often comes with safer security. Likewise, it could be considered as a solution towards consumer’s stressful concerns. 

As a matter of fact, it is hard for us to predict the occurrence of downtime which could be exceedingly expensive. Without the enforcement of smart sensors, risk will be added towards safety concerns, which stored products will have a shorter shelf life due to placement of inappropriate environmental conditions. By utilizing Smart Sensors, technicians are always alerted time-to-time before any dreadful malfunctioned strikes in. This could also allow the manufacturer to purchase more time, preparing backup machineries parts to replace the non-workable ones.

As we all know, the pandemic is getting worse, and consumers are emphasizing even more towards the standards of quality food. If we manufacturers are to satisfy the demanded requests from the market, we should all give into considerations towards the investment of new technologies!

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