Red Velvet Emulco – 30g

Red Velvet Emulco – 30g


  • Cakes and Confectioneries

  • Breads and Cookies

  • Jellies & Puddings

  • Fillings & Toppings

  • 30 g
  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 25 kg
    Net per Carton
  • 1 kg – 25 Bottles
  • 5 kg – 6 Jerry Cans
  • 25 kg – 1 Jerry Can
For other pack sizes, please contact our office for further details.

Halal-Certified Red Velvet EMULCO from Malaysia

Experience the baking revolution with Halal-Certified Red Velvet EMULCO from Malaysia. This exclusive ingredient enhances both aroma and stability, delivering exceptional results. With remarkable heat stability, it withstands high temperatures, preserving the tantalizing aroma throughout baking. Moisture retention ensures irresistibly moist and fresh creations, elevating texture and indulgence. The EMULCO’s stabilized viscosity grants precise control, providing excellent shape and consistency in every baked delight, from cupcakes to layer cakes. With Halal certification, our food flavouring meets the highest quality and compliance standards, catering to diverse needs. Tap into your inner creativity and unlock your boundless baking potential with the help of our high-quality food-flavouring items. Let the finest ingredients elevate your creations, leaving a lasting impression. Discover a world where exceptional aroma, unbeatable stability, and unparalleled moisture retention combine for an extraordinary baking experience. Embrace perfection and make your creations the talk of the town with this exclusive EMULCO.

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