“5 common foods that you would find Muslims eating during Ramadan!”

“5 common foods that you would find Muslims eating during Ramadan!”

Ramadan started yesterday and Muslims from all places were practicing fasting. Today we are about to find out a few common foods that you would find Muslims eating when they open fast! According to the information that I have allocated from a few of my Muslims friends, these are the types of common food you would easily find muslims eating during Ramadan!

  1. Ayam Percik

Ayam Percik itself originated from Kelantan, which marinated chicken is slowly grilled over charcoal in a totally traditional way. Marinated seasoning are usually incorporated with a few ingredients which consist of coconut milk, cumin, turmeric, ginger, chili peppers and etc. This dish is served alongside rice or optional, fresh vegetables or salads depending on how you want it.

  1. Murtabak

Murtabak is a stuffed pan-cake or people called it the pan-fried bread that was originally found in India. In Malaysia, Murtabak are found in indian stalls & you could usually see them filling in with lots of meats (beef or chicken, sometimes mutton along with garlics, egg & onion.) They are usually eaten with curry or any kinds of gravy that matches well with it!

  1. Tepung Pelita

Some people called it kuih Jongkong, some people called it kuih Limas and some people called it kuih Sampan. Tepung Pelita is originally found in Perak, a two-layered cake that is made out of coconut milk and pandan custard. The bottom layer is green coloured, makes it look similar to something placed on a lampstand. Hence it is named Tepung Pelita and “Pelita” itself means lamp.

  1. Soya Cincau

Soya Cincau is extremely well known in Malaysia and is also nicknamed Michael Jackson in reference to one of his famous songs, “black & white”.The amalgamation of grass jelly and soya is favored among locals and are welcoming when it comes to beverages. Soy milk is known to be nutritious as it contains needed nutritions such as fatty acids, proteins, fiber and vitamins.

  1. Air Katira

A cold refreshing drink that is made with the mixture of evaporated milk and pandan flavoured syrup, katira gum, basil seeds and malva nuts. It is one of the popular drinks sold during the fasting month of Ramadan in Singapore and Malaysia. However, it is known to have many other versions like bandung, blueberry or chocolate flavoured. Or maybe we can try a healthier choice of less-sugared soybean air katira drink?

Therefore, these are the few common foods and beverages you may see Muslims eating or drinking while open fast in their home, and there might be more! Give this post a like if you agree or leave your comments here if you know some of the common foods that could be found during Ramadan!

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