About YUZU Emulco

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus lemon that looks similar like mandarin orange but it has minimal juice which makes it precious and costly. It is known as a citrus Junos. It is originated from grow wild form the central of China and Tibet.. It has an exhaustive aroma on the outside and comprises with refreshing zest sour taste.

Yuzu is famous at Japan and Korea. The culture of Japan and Korea has made a big influence to society, through the rising of Japanese anime and Kpop. It is widely use in pastry, beverage and saucers at Asia and Western nation. Yuzu flavor added into salad dressing, cocktail, cakes, marinade sauce will made a perfect balancing with the sweetness and saltiness in cuisine and brew. Green house Ingredients’ Yuzu flavour and Emulco is being introduced to the market due to inaccessible easily. Now you can easily a make fancy creation without struggling to find YUZU!! Here is an awesome recipe using YUZU emulco.

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