Classic Pastries With A Modern Twist.

Classic Pastries With A Modern Twist.

There are tons of new and amusing pastry ideas outpouring from the food industry everyday but classics can’t be simple replaced as it has become an unchangeable icon for a culture or a nation. Let’s have a look at the classics and the twists which are given by modern day’s pastry techniques.

Malaysian Classic: Pandan Cake
Modern Manifestation: Pandan Coconut Entremet

The old-school Pandan Layer Cake is as simple as a layered cake, with pandan custard jelly simultaneously layered between sponge cakes.  Pandan Extract/Essence and Coconut Milk are the main ingredients for this dessert and plays an irreplaceable role as the main flavour components.

In the modern days, Pandan Layer Cakes have been redefined with additional modern elements and concepts such as turning it into a more complex entremets.

The modern Pandan Layer cake entremet can be built up by different dessert components such as Panna Cotta, Gelee and mousse. By introducing more texture, mouthfeel and flavour, the modern Pandan Layer Cake is totally an upgrade! You can now make any types of dessert by using our ready-to-blend Pandan Coconut Emulcos into your batter for any kind of dessert you would like to make.

Italian Classic : Tiramisu
Modern Manifestation : Deconstructed Tiramisu

This classic Italian dessert usually served by layering the ‘ladyfingers’ dipped in coffee with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, and top with cocoa powder for additional flavour.  The dessert are usually prepared in a mould, chilled and unmould when the dessert is set.

However, the modern pastry techniques have illustrated it from a different perspective by deconstructing the dessert. Unlike the traditional serving method, the deconstructed tiramisus are usually served on plate or glasses, with each components can be seen clearly.

Things can be done even easier when you utilize Green House’s Tiramisu emulco in almost any kind of application in 1 step. We’ve combined the flavours for you, and all you need to do it apply it into your batter by 2% of the total batter weight.

French Classic : Croissant

Croissant is the perfect explanation of a classy, rich yet simple kind of pastries. Perfectly laminated doughs with made by layering butter and bread dough, baked till golden brown with an extreme crunch on the outside and soft on the inside.

Modern manifestation : Striped Croissant/ Lava Croissant

What did the modern days have done to the croissant is not only introducing new flavours into it, but the other elements that levitates the status of the legendary croissant.

Striped Croissant


The striped croissant are made with two different doughs layered and rolled together to form the alternate coloured stripes.

You may check out the recipe here :

Lava Croissant

Besides that, croissant with molten core has overwhelmed the social media with its seductive ooze-out shots. Who can resist the crispy croissant with an indulgence of silky smooth filling oozing out?

Thinking how to flavour the dough or the fillings? You’re in the right place! Green House Emulcos’ are perfect for a flavoured or coloured dough for you to get the stripes; and mix Green House’s emulcos with the base of the fillings to get the croissant fillings of your choice!

Classic Pastry : Fonçage pâte sucrée
Mondern Manifestation : Coloured, flavoured pâte sucrée

Pate Sucree is a baking fundamental that should be mastered by every patissier. The art of making the perfect pate sucre is not as easy as it may seem. However, certain serious patisseries has up their game by putting more creativity even in the smallest details.

In Green House Ingredient, we have applied the emulcos into our tart base along with Vanilla Flavour Powder to give extra flavour to the plan tart shells. What’s greater? You can have flavoured and coloured tart shells in one step!

Buy Green House’s Strawberry Emulco

Classic Dessert : Creme Brulee
Modern Manifestation : Modern Flavoured Creme Brulee

The classic crème brulee is nothing but vanilla or in other common cases, chocolate flavoured. However, with the encouragement of using more exotic and unusual ingredient in the modern days, Crème Brulee can comes in almost all kind of flavours.

Yuzu Creme Brulee, with the adaptation of Yuzu, one of the most popular fruit this few years as also become a hot trend for dessert place goers. You may check out Green House’s Yuzu flavour for your next creation!

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