What is Cake Gel, and what it does to your cakes?

What is Cake Gel, and what it does to your cakes?

Have you hear of the word “Cake Gel”?

It is basically a type of emulsifier that commonly used for baking purposes. Emulsifiers are ingredients that can be found in the nature, which possess the ability to improve food system stability. It is a versatile technical ingredients that helps food products to achieve the desired specifications, and thus reducing consumers’ misconception about run-bad food.

Many people are familiar with the word Ovalette, while some use to term “SP” for cake gels; in Green House, we name it as Quick Gel. Anyhow, Ovalette, SP, Quick gels or cake gels are basically emulsifiers that are used for cake productions and serve the same function. Some exist in yellow colour, while some exist in white colour. The difference could be different grades or simply to differentiate among brands.

Foaming is one of emulsifier’s abilities where by when a solution is stirred with the emulsifier added, the foam produced through the agitation is being coated by the emulsifier, making the bubbles less prone to bursting. The addition of emulsifier enables process that requires more aeration to foam easily, stabilizing the foam, providing a batter with smooth texture and an expanded volume.

An increase in volume is a typical essential for aerated food. For instance, cake gels are one of the most direct type of ingredient found in cake production, which plays a significant role in increasing the volume through easy-foaming, incorporates and stabilize the air bubbles in the batter, yielding cakes with a soft and light texture. The ingredient is commonly used to make sponge cakes or being added in premixes to achieve easy-to-foam batter with a good volume.

When oil and water are put together, you’ll see a clear separation between the two. When mixture is being shaken vigorously, a dispersion of droplets of oil and water can be seen but it will eventually no matter how. Emulsifiers have the ability to keep the oil and water together, so that the emulsified mixture for instance, sauces and mayonnaise will continue to remain smooth and creamy without having water being expelled out from the food system. This leads to the water-holing ability of emulsifiers whereby it can retain moisture in food systems, improving the overall mouthfeel and texture of the cakes.

How to Use it?

Cake gels are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is just follow the instructions on the packaging. For Green House’s cake gels, the amount to use in making cakes is 5% of the total weight of the eggs in the recipe. Add it in and beat together with the eggs, as it encourages foaming, enhances the natural foaming functions of eggs, specifically, the egg whites. Thus, the addition of cake gels can reduce the eggs used, by substituting certain percentage of eggs with small amount of cake gels to achieve the same batter volume.

The use of cake gels are cost effective especially when it comes to mass production, where eggs contributes to high costings. Besides that, the emulsifiers help to standardize the quality of the cakes, ensuring the consistency of every batch produced. Green House Ingredient has been serving many big and small companies with our own manufactured Quick Gel, and this has proven that the quality of our Quick Gels are guaranteed.

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