Frozen Confectioneries : Lifesavers in Hot Weather

Frozen Confectioneries : Lifesavers in Hot Weather

“IT SO WARM!” we often complain about the weather, but looking at the bright side, we do have varieties of frozen desserts to enjoy almost every corner! Over the years, frozen confectioneries have been tremendously innovative. So, what’s on the list of the most popular frozen threat?

#Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls hit the social media in 2015, but this picture perfect treat captured the hearts of netizens who admires the visual and the nutrition of the smoothie bowl.

To be frank, the smoothie bowl is no different from the smoothie in a glass, but with a little makeover, by decorating the bowls with abundance of fruits and nut, it has been crowned as one of the most favourite frozen treats.

Many of Green House’s clientele successfully incorporated our Emulcos into smoothies, which top up the flavour, appearance and body of smoothie. For instance, the Blueberry Emulco and Banana Emulco is a great choice for smoothies!  It’s also more cost effective to enhance the taste quality of the smoothie by adding less than 2% of the emulco into mixture.

#Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream has been an All-Time favourite, in fact it could be one of the highest grossing frozen dessert. Soft serve ice cream has higher overrun (95-100%), which means it contains more air as compared to regular ice cream (60-90%) and gelato (near to 0%), making it lighter, and this contributes lesser guilt to people who consumed them.

The intense competition within ice cream parlours stimulated the innovation and creativity of fellow ice cream makers, to craft more varieties of soft serve ice creams and revamp the appearance, by playing with various fun an unconventional condiments such as cotton candy and potato chips.

Green House Ingredient have worked with several vendors to develop and formulate soft serve ice creams, and one of the most interesting flavour we had is Sea Salt French Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream, with a slight tint of blue. The response? People ADORE it!

Green House Ingredient has one of the best vanilla flavour powder which is an all-rounded ingredient for desserts or pastry. You may add on this vanilla powder into the base of your ice cream and witness how it can uplift your products!


Talking about the evergreen frozen treat, it would definitely be popsicles. Popsicles are no brainer, and basically you can make any liquid into popsicles simply by freezing it. We once thought that popsicles are only for kids, but we can say that adults crave for popsicles too!watermelon-strawberry2-sm

The emphasis on health conscious contributed to the rise of popsicles as many of the popsicles are made with almost 100% natural ingredients (maybe just a lil’ flavouring for standardization), and they are extremely delicious. That is why Green House Ingredient flavourings are one the best choices, as our flavourings have natural aromas and perfectly tuned to fit in the confectionery industry.

#Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt has always been a healthier alternative for ice cream, and this frozen dessert’s popularity can be seen from the success of frozen yogurt chain stores such as llao llao, Moocow and TCBY. The naturally sour, tangy and refreshing taste profile of the frozen yogurt is definitely one of the best choice on a hot day!

Based on our clients, frozen yogurt can also be flavoured by various fruits and natural ingredients with berries and chocolate being the most common variations. Green House’s emulcos are excellent choices to flavour the frozen yogurt, giving it an extra creamy mouth-feel and excellent taste.

#Kakigori / Bingsu

Kakigori from Japan, Bingsu from Korea or simply ABC/ Ais Kacang are the MUST HAVE on a hot and dry sunny day! We all know how incredible Kakigori or Bingsu are, the milk based shaved ice are extremely good and thirst quenching. Abundant toppings are served with shaved ice, with lots of refreshing condiments hide underneath, and what makes people crave for them? The fluffiness of the ice consistency, it’s super airy and melts immediately when it touches your tongue. Now, this is the dream!

To flavour the ice, we recommend our clients the use of our Emulcos together with the fruits that they intent to flavour the ice, to enhance and improve the flavour profile, and Voila! The Ever Trending Green Tea Kakigori? No worries, we got the Green Tea Emulco to cover too!

For the sweet white blob on the top of the shaved ice, it could be whipping cream or topping cream, but some opt for coconut cream instead for more flavour complexity, and any of those would go well with the shaved ice.

So here’s a few trendy frozen desserts which are on the top the list. Don’t miss any chance to taste them if you bump into some hipster shops, it’s totally worth trying!


Green House Ingredient Sdn. Bhd. provides the best solution for any confectionery products, with vanilla powder being the must have for any confectionery that involves the making of base such as ice cream and gelatos. Green House Ingredient’s Emulco has been gauged to perfection, in which addition of just 2% of emulco in any recipe will levitate the taste profiles!

Products such as Strawberry Emulco, Blueberry Emulco, and Orange Emulco are suitable for frozen treats that are tangy and refreshing while Vanilla Flavour, Chocolate Emulco and Green Tea Emulco offer a velvety mouthfeel for milk-based confectioneries.

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