Green House x Telly: Brings You Endless Culinary Triumph

Green House x Telly: Brings You Endless Culinary Triumph

Green House Ingredient Sdn Bhd is established for more than 20 years and has been providing its food flavouring solutions to Malaysia and 15 other countries. We are known as the leader in Malaysia Baking Industry & also Top 4 in Malaysia Food Industry. Green House Flavour provide wide range of selections! (100+ Emulco flavours) and most importantly, offers customization of Emulcos. As a flavouring & colouring manufacturer, Green House Flavour attains HALAL, HACCP, MESTI & is ranked as a 4-star SME CORP. We are also awarded by the Golden Bull Outstanding SME Award, STAR & Sin Chew daily press.

Green House has invited Telly, or also known as Spices & Seasonings Specialties Sdn Bhd – a well known brand for their mayonnaise product range. Apart from mayonnaise, Telly also carries salad dressing, seasoning powder, sauces, marinades, noodles and so much more under the same brand. They are also considered as the main supplier of seasoning for well known fast food chains and instant noodles manufacturers. They believe their company portfolio is able to cater to the retail market and food & beverages (F&B) industry, especially HORECA.

Some ranges of Telly products

Have you ever used mayonnaise to replace butter in a cake batter? Using mayonnaise from Telly, our chef has come up with a Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake recipe. Although it may sound odd, the taste doesn’t make any less from the usual chocolate cake! In this recipe, our chef will use Telly All Purpose Mayonnaise to replace butter and Green House Chocolate Emulco Flavour. Want to know what the result looks like? Watch the full tutorial by click the following links!

Green House Flavours & Colours are honored to be one of the first company brands that  initiate a collaboration between Malaysia F&B (Food & Beverages) companies. Our objective is to create a unity relationship within the B2B (business to business) industries and also to diversify Malaysia food, beverages and dessert trends not only for industries but also for end users. We look forward to cooperating with many other F&B brands! Let us know, if you are interested to join and be the next collaboration members! Meanwhile, follow Green House social media platform to get the latest update of our recent activities!


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