Salted Egg

History of Salted egg, have you known about it? Let’s explore together.

Salted egg originated in China centuries ago and typically involve duck eggs, which are richer, contain more Omega-3 fatty acids and more cholesterol than chicken eggs. To produce salted eggs, by either bringing the eggs in salt or encrusting them in salted charcoal. It also has almost opulent taste with bright yellow yolks with a grainy, oily texture that bind well with most ingredients. The saltiness is inherent in every mouthful.

Why so popular? People are always looking for: more intense taste and something to be discovered or reinvented. Even though it was common and thus already mainstream. Nowadays, people in Malaysia creates something new with the combination of salted egg, such as salted egg chips, salted egg cookies and many more.

As salted egg popular in Malaysia market, Green House comes out with Salted Egg Emulco. As you know, emulco is a combination of flavouring and colouring, it’s really convenient for housewives, home bakers or bakers to create an exquisite cuisine. Now, you can make the mouth-watery dishes without worry. Here’s Salted Egg Cornflakes Cookie recipe, special create by Green House Asia.

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