Last week today was Bangladesh National Day, and I was thinking of sharing some Bangladeshi’s cuisine to all of you! If you are thinking of travelling to Bangladesh, then this is most probably the article that you wouldn’t wanna miss out! Bangladeshi food is known as a brother to Bengali’s cuisine as they both share similar cooking techniques & recipes, but they are also quite different when it comes to their own specialty.

As a muslim country themselves, pork is a rare food that you will not find from their menu. In contrast, meats like beef, goats, & chicken are more common. However, not all Bangladeshi take meat as their common diet as not all people in the population could afford eating them daily while fish is more affordable.

Let us all first learn about their eating habits. Just as it is mentioned, Bangladeshis eat with their right hand instead of using their left as it is considered unclean based on Muslim culture. Likewise, you will notice some locals, like Indians, have the ability to slice off bread with a single hand using their 3 fingers. Moreover, it is common when the woman of the house serves guests and may not eat until you have finished what has been brought to you. 

  1. Bortha

I believe that every single one of us loves mashed potatoes, but have you ever tried mashed vegetables or fish? This dish is named Bortha and mashed vegetables are served on the table. Bortha is usually served in small portions to the guests which also include rice and some other kinds of dishes like curry or fried fish.

2. Bortha

The Biryani is known to be a favorite of all Bangladeshi and is extremely popular in the old Dhaka where it is sold by various hawker stalls and restaurants. It is cooked with the amalgamation of mustard oil, spices like saffron, cumin, coles, chili powder, onions, and other spices that is needed to adjust the “perfecto” taste. Biryani is well known throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh with their own individual mixing of spices, other types of protein and their cooking method.

3. Pani Puri

For illustration purpose only. Photo credits to http://goldentiffin.co/blog/2016/6/12/best-of-bengali-puchka-pani-puri

Pani Puri is an indian snack that is eaten in Bangladesh and also known by other names depending on other regions of the country. In Dhaka and the Bay of Bengal, they are known as Phuchka and the Chittagong people call it the Fucsa. It is a small, puffed, crispy bread that is broken from the top and is filled with different vegetables and other sauces. They are usually eaten on the spot, so you will be eating more and more until you have informed the stall owner that your tummy is satisfied! HEHE

4. Bangladesh breads

As a matter of fact, Bangladeshi’s cuisine is usually paired with rice or bread, depending on their own appetite during the meal, like naan or luchi types. Moreover, Naan bread is really well-known throughout the northern part of India and it is made of wheat flour and is cooked inside in an oblong-shaped tandoori oven. Nonetheless, the Luchi bread is a puffed and deep fried bread made with maida flour.

5. Curry

For illustration purposes only. Photo credits to https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/bangladesh-fish-curry-recipe

In Malaysia, curry is one of the dishes that malaysian can’t survive without, as most of us love hot & spicy kinda dishes! Curries are also very common in Bangladesh and are usually eaten with rice. Similarly to Malaysians, they use fresh coconut or vegetable oil to cook curry.

We are really honored to have them as our business partners and Green House is looking forward to more working opportunities with them! Once again, we hope this article will give you the idea what you should get next time while travelling to Bangladesh!

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