Blueberry Popsicle Ice Cream

Blueberry Emulco - 1kg:

Blueberry Popsicle Ice Cream

12 pcs

Preparation Time

30 mins

Chilling Time:

24 hours


12 pcs



Blueberry Ice Cream
200gm Whipping Cream
100gm Condensed Milk
6gm GH Blueberry Emulco
400gm Dark Chocolate
AN Pistachio



1. Whisk the whipping cream and condensed milk together until medium peak.
2. Mix with GH Blueberry Emulco. Place the blueberry mixture into a piping bag.
3. Pipe the mixture into the prepared mould. Put in the ice cream stick and make the mixture evenly.
4. Freeze overnight.
5. Melt the dark chocolate. Put the melted dark chocolate into a glass.
6. Dip in the frozen blueberry ice cream and take it out and sprinkle some pistachio on top.
7. You’re ready to serve!

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