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“Recommended places to have your Ramadan Buffet during Iftar!”

Back to Newsroom We all know Ramadan is a spiritual season for the muslims to fast from morning till evening and we totally respect that. …

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“5 common foods that you would find Muslims eating during Ramadan!”

Back to Newsroom Ramadan started yesterday and Muslims from all places were practicing fasting. Today we are about to find out a few common foods …

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Food Pack Asia Exhibition 2021 ( 6th – 9th April 2021)

Back to Newsroom Hey people from all around the world, we are excited to tell you that Food Pack Asia Exhibition has started this morning …

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“Famous & well recommended Bakery Ingredients Shop in Negeri Sembilan! ”

Back to Newsroom We would like to introduce you to one of the most well known bakery shops that is located in Nilai Double 88 …

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Back to Newsroom Last week today was Bangladesh National Day, and I was thinking of sharing some Bangladeshi’s cuisine to all of you! If you …

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“Yes Coffee, No Caffeine”

Back to Newsroom Some people say, “Too much of something often turns things from good to bad”, I say this statement could probably apply in …

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“Processed food : Good or Bad?”

Back to Newsroom Talking about processed food, there are a lot of aspects to be considered about although it has a bad reputation for people …

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“Malaysia Business Group, a reliable platform to attain global expansion.”

Back to Newsroom Before colliding both MBG (Malaysia Business Group) and GH (Green House) together, let me first introduce what’s Malaysia Business Group and what …

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Food Pack Asia Exhibition 2021

Back to Newsroom To some of the countries, it seems the situation of the pandemic is starting to settle down as the vaccination has been …

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