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Green House’s 2021 Business Plan

Back to Newsroom As Green House Ingredient steps into a new milestone, tons of new plans & responsibilities will be there for us to carry …

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“What is next year’s food trend and how is it gonna happen?”

Back to Newsroom Is all about taking a leap of faith when it comes to food trends as it is unpredictable to be decided according …

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“The Beginning of Green House Ingredient”

Back to Newsroom Do you know how we started providing flavours and colouring? Back in the 19th century, while Malaysia was conquered by the Westerners, …

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“V.E.G.A.N, the new BIG FAMILY.”

Back to Newsroom According to the Google Trend Data, the rate of veganism has been rising dramatically ever since 2008. The trend of Veganism has …

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Back to Newsroom It is important to always put priority when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness of the environment where we manufacture food related …

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“Green House Flavour, Never Waver!”

Back to Newsroom Greetings people! Heard of Green House? Your way to this website is never a coincidence. We believe you are seeking for a …

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Back to Newsroom 2020 has been an extremely tough year for everyone especially under the influence of the infamous pandemic, the Covid-19. However, in terms …

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“Are you looking for an opportunity to operate a new business?”

Back to Newsroom This is a message to all owners of baking ingredient shops and someone who is planning to run his own business.  In …

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Salted Egg

Back to Newsroom History of Salted egg, have you known about it? Let’s explore together. Salted egg originated in China centuries ago and typically involve …

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