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What is Cake Gel, and what it does to your cakes?

Back to Newsroom Have you hear of the word “Cake Gel”? It is basically a type of emulsifier that commonly used for baking purposes. Emulsifiers …

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Kek Lapis – Underrated Traditional Dessert That Should Not Be Forgotten.

Back to Newsroom Malaysia has bountiful of desserts that comes from different cultural backgrounds. Despite having all Japanese, Korean or Western desserts, what are some …

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Frozen Confectioneries : Lifesavers in Hot Weather

Back to Newsroom “IT SO WARM!” we often complain about the weather, but looking at the bright side, we do have varieties of frozen desserts …

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International Exhibitions That Would Boost Your Food Business To The Next Level.

Back to Newsroom 1. Food and Hotel Asia Food and Hotel Asia is a biennial trade show takes place in Singapore and this would be …

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Asia Top 8 Flavours – Asian Flavours that run the world.

Back to Newsroom There’s more besides Durian. 8. Durian Durian is mystical fruit where some people thinks it’s no different than a poop, but to …

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What is Emulco? : Malaysia Emulco Expert, Green House Ingredient tells you what it is.

Back to Newsroom Searching the internet about Emulco, it’s not as common as food flavourings or colourings and yet, it’s also not a new thing …

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Diet Killer in CNY: Malaysia Favourite Chinese New Year Snacks!

Back to Newsroom Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and I hope that you’ve been working out lately because we are going to …

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Types of Food Colourings & How to Use Them

Back to Newsroom Dyeing is an art. When the waves of aesthetic food pictures hit the social media, we often amazed by the breath-taking masterpieces …

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Back to Newsroom What is Food Pack Asia? Food Pack Asia is a comprehensive sourcing platform featuring food processing and packaging machinery, drink technology, hotel …

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