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Kuih Bingka Pandan

Back to Recipe Pandan Coconut Emulco – 1kg: 6 pcs [category_post_name] Preparation Time 30 mins Baking Time 60 mins Yields 1 nosShare to: Share on ...

Tepung Pelita

Back to Recipe Pandan Coconut Emulco – 1kg: 5 glasses [category_post_name] Preparation Time 15 mins Baking Time 20 mins Yields 1 nosShare to: Share on ...

Browneese Steam Cake

Back to Recipe Brown Sugar Emulco – 1kg: 1nos 6 inch square [category_post_name] Preparation Time 20 mins Baking Time 45 mins Yields 1 nosShare to: ...

Salted Egg Cornflakes Cookies

Back to Recipe Salted Egg Emulco – 1kg: 90 pcs [category_post_name] Preparation Time 20 mins Baking Time 10-12 mins Yields 1 nosShare to: Share on ...

Simple Baking & Dessert Recipes

Unleash the culinary magic with our extraordinary collection of dessert recipes designed exclusively for visionary baking, restaurant, and cafe owners. These recipes will revolutionize your offerings and leave an indelible mark on your customers’ palates. From timeless classics to innovative creations, our simple baking recipes transcend the ordinary, delivering visually stunning and mouthwatering treats. With clear instructions and accessible ingredients, anyone can create these divine masterpieces and establish a reputation for excellence.

These recipes are perfectly tailored for commercial kitchens and allow seamless scalability without compromising quality. From tempting cakes, pastries, and cookies to sumptuous puddings, tarts, and pies, our options cater to every sweet tooth. Prepare to mesmerize your customers with enchanting flavours, seductive aromas, and stunning presentations. These recipes will empower you to transcend culinary boundaries, transforming your menu into a destination for extraordinary indulgence. Unlock the secrets of culinary enchantment with our unique recipes. Whether a seasoned professional or an adventurous explorer, this collection will help you craft unforgettable delights that elevate your establishment to new heights. Contact us today!