Salted Egg Portuguese Tart

Salted Egg Emulco - 1kg:

Salted Egg Portuguese Tart

12 pcs

Preparation Time

45 mins

Baking Time

25 mins


– nos



9pcs Puff Pastry 4’’

Salted Egg Filling
50gm Castor Sugar
25gm Custard Powder
33gm Milk Powder
30gm Milk
8gm Corn Flour
1gm Salt
40gm Unsalted Butter
4gm GH Salted Egg Emulco

Egg Filling
2nos Eggs
50gm Sugar
180gm Whipping Cream
60gm Milk



1. Roll the puff pastry, make it a bit bigger for 3 pcs. Roll up together.
2. Cut into 4 parts.
3. Flat it and place it into the tart mould.

Salted Egg Filling
1. Mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan and cook till slightly thick.
2. Scoop each 1 tsp of salted egg filling into the prepared tart shell.
3. Freeze for 15 minutes.

Egg Filling
1. Gentle mix the egg and sugar together.
2. Mix in whipping cream and milk. Sift it for 3 times.
3. Pour the filling into the tart shell.
4. Bake at 220◦C for 25 minutes.

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