Coffee Emulco - 1kg:


2 boxes

Preparation Time

30 mins

Baking Time

5 mins


– nos



Coffee Syrup
150gm Water
150gm Caster Sugar
12nos Lady Finger Sponge
6gm GH Coffee Emulco

Cheese Mousse
75gm Egg Yolk
38gm Caster Sugar
250gm Mascarpone Cheese
250gm Whipping Cream
8gm Gelatin Powder
24gm Water
30gm Cocoa Powder



Coffee Syrup
1. Boil water and caster sugar together.
2. Add in GH Coffee Emulco and mix it well.

Cheese Mousse
1. Beat whipping cream until soft peaks.
2. Double-boil the egg yolk and sugar over a pot, keep whisking until pale.
3. Add in mascarpone cheese and mix well.
4. Bloom the gelatin powder with water. Melt it and mix into the batter.
5. Fold in whipped cream into the mixture well.
6. Add in 3 tbsp of coffee syrup, stir well.
7. Dip the lady finger sponge into coffee syrup until it is slightly soft.
8. Place lady finger sponge into the container and pour the cheese mousse. Do it layer by layer. Chill for 20 minutes.
9. Once it’s chill, decorate with cocoa powder. You’re ready to serve.

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