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Latest News on Green House

Back to Newsroom Specialising in emulcos, the combination of both flavouring and colouring, Green House has been providing to at least 17 countries within Asia. …

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“All about Halal”

Back to Newsroom Living in this religious muslim country my own, I often questioned myself what actually is Halal? What are the rules and what …

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“Best healthy sweeteners that can be used in BAKING”

Back to Newsroom Baking is actually one of the fun things you can do as your hobby, discovering various recipes and different types of patterns …

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4 most effective methods of baking

Back to Newsroom Baking can be defined as a process where a chef cooks food by dry heating without exposing foods to burning flames inside …

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Green House Ingredient Chef Spotlight – Mr. Maolana.

Back to Newsroom Chef‘s background: Green House Ingredient’s Chef, Mr Maolana is an Indonesian Pastry Chef who once worked in a 5 star hotel at …

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“5 recommended places of getting the best desserts”

Back to Newsroom As a flavour manufacturer ourselves, we often got questioned on which are the places that we recommend where people could get tasty …

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“Natural Flavour, a new immune consumption?”

Back to Newsroom A great disruption was caused by the infamous pandemic towards consumer’s demand of synthetic flavour shifting swiftly to demanding natural flavour after …

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“Vanilla, world’s most ubiquitous flavour”

Back to Newsroom Ever since we were young, we already know how vanilla actually tastes like and it keeps us off the hook all the …

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“Technology, Food & Beverages.”

Back to Newsroom In this whole new modernized world, people have been relying on gadgets such as mobile phones, mobile vehicles, digital cookers and other …

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