Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

Passion Fruit Emulco - 1kg:

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

3 glasses

Preparation Time

15 mins

Baking Time

10 mins


3 glasses



Vanilla Panna Cotta
240gm Whipping Cream
72gm Milk
36gm Sugar
6gm Gelatin Powder
18gm Water
4gm GH Vanilla Flavour

Passion Fruit Sauce
50gm Lemon Juice
50gm Water
5gm Corn Flour
2gm GH Passion Fruit Emulco



Vanilla Panna Cotta
1. Bloom the gelatin powder with water. Melt it.
2. Warm up the whipping cream, milk and sugar stir until well combined.
3. Add in melted gelatin and stir it well.
4. Then, add in GH Vanilla Flavour, mix until well combined.
5. Pour into the glass then chill it for 10 minutes.

Passion Fruit Sauce
1. Warm up the lemon juice, sugar, water and corn flour, mix until well combined.
2. Add in GH Passion Fruit Emulco, mix well.
3. After chilling, pour the passion fruit sauce on top of the vanilla panna cotta. Last but not least, add mint leaves as garnishing. And you’re ready to serve!

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