Yam Cream Puff

Yam Emulco - 1kg:

Yam Cream Puff

6 pcs

Preparation Time

30 mins

Baking Time

35 mins


– nos



Yam & Vanilla Custard Cream
250gm Milk
16gm Unsalted Butter
3nos Egg Yolk
48gm Caster Sugar
8gm Cake Flour
11gm Corn Flour
175gm Whipping Cream
2gm GH Vanilla Flavour
5gm GH Yam Emulco

Choux Puff
60gm Milk
50gm Water
1gm Salt
15gm Unsalted Butter
50gm Cake Flour
2nos Eggs
6pcs Puff Pastry



Custard Cream
1. Heat the milk and unsalted butter.
2. Mix the egg yolk and caster sugar until pale.
3. Mix in the cake flour and corn flour into egg mixture.
4. Pour the hot mixture into egg mixture and mix well.
5. Pour back into the pot and continue cooking until it becomes slightly thick.
6. Let it cool down in the chiller.
7. Whisk the whipping cream until soft peaks. Fold the cream into custard.
8. Divide into two bowls, one is mixed with GH Vanilla Flavour and one is mixed with GH Yam Emulco.
9. Place the two custards into a piping bag.

Choux Puff
1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line up a baking tray.
2. Heat water, milk, salt and unsalted butter. Add in cake flour and stir until it becomes like a dough.
3. Add in eggs separately and stir it well until it becomes smooth. Place mixture into a piping bag.
4. Place the puff pastry on the baking tray, pipe the mixture at the middle of puff pastry and at every edge of the puff, place it at the centre and press it. Place a ring on the puff in order to hold the shape.
5. Bake for 180°C for 35 minutes. Once it is baked, make a hole at the bottom of the puff and add in yam and vanilla custard cream filling.
6. Decorate with snow powder and you’re ready to serve.

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