Green House x Calpis: Trio Bites

Strawberry Emulco

Green House x Calpis: Trio Bites

Preparation Time

1 hour

Cooking Time


6-8 cups



66gm Calpis Cultured Milk Drink Original Flavour
200gm Cream Cheese
41gm Sugar
3nos Egg Yolk
25gm Sugar
4gm Gelatine
12gm Water
8gm GH Strawberry Emulco



1. Beat the cream cheese and sugar together.
2. Double-boil the egg yolk and sugar until warm, the whip the egg mixture till fluffy.
3. Bloom the gelatine with water.
4. Once its bloomed, add into egg yolk mixture and Calpis Cultured Milk Drink Original Flavour.
5. Add cream cheese mixture into egg yolk mixture, mix it well.
6. Next, divide into 2 bowls; 1 bowl of original cream cheese, another bowl add in GH Strawberry Emulco, and mixed well.
7. Put into the piping bag.
8. Add biscuit crumbs into the desired container, follow by the original cream cheese. Let it chill for 15 minutes.
9. Then, pipe the strawberry cream cheese, and chill for another 15 minutes.
10. Decorate with some fresh strawberries and granolas. 

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